Spirits & investments

Our mission

The world of luxury spirits like whisky and rum is not only for drinking and enjoyment. It’s also developing rapidly as a mature and very worthwhile asset class for investing. We want to make investing in luxury spirits accessible and transparent for our clients by providing professional, high quality, information, analyses and services.

We want you to be able to answer right away: “How much is my spirits collection worth?” and “Which bottle should I invest in next?”

“Whisky currently dominates Spirits Investments. Other spirits are catching up and will follow in our database.”

Verified data

We provide verified and unbiased data and analyses for you to use as a basis for maintaining and expanding your collection of valuable bottles. We always employ rigorous data management methods to ensure that the collected data is translated into valuable information for you to use.

Analysis instead of emotion

Without any verified data available, investment decisions are primarily based on emotions. Our drive is to add an analytical foundation to your decision making, by using sound proprietary statistical analysis and innovative models based on our years of training and experience in the financial sector. 

Meet the team

Roger Tan


Roger combines a background in computer science and financial data management with a passion for whisky and spirits. He even has his own whisky brand!

“I think it’s time to bring professional data and financial innovation into the world of collectible spirits.” 

Lilie Ong


Coming from the strongly regulated pharmaceutical industry, Lilie has a heart in quality and data integrity. The quality of data is the foundation of Spirits Invest. With her validation experience, she contributes to the quality and data integrity of Spirits Invest.

Trevin Lam


Trevin’s always been passionate about investing and data. Hence he has worked as an analyst at Rabobank. He is also one of the authors that documented the global invested multi-asset market index.

Inspired by Aladdin he’s always believed in the genie in a bottle. Whisky has appeared to be the genie. As an investment it has limited downside (enjoy the juice if price drops). It has unlimited upside (stroke the bottle if price goes up).